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I am now opening up the adoption of my Horcas species! Each batch will be released over the next few weeks. I am not accepting points at this time, all payments will be accepted via paypal. 


All payments are made via paypal, I am not accepting points at this time. Once payment is complete, the Horcras is yours to do with as you please, giving it a back story, gender, accessories, etc... A .png or .jpg file of your purchased can be emailed to you if you desire. 

Resale - You are allowed to resell your Horcras for no more than what you originally paid! Example: You may resell a $15 Horcras for $15 or less. Please send me a note letting me know that you resold it and the buyer of it for my records. 

Breeding - You are allowed to breed Horcras you own with each other or the Horcras owned by someone else with their consent to do so. Read more about classes below to understand how coat colors/genetics works - Mystics cannot be bred. 

A fee of $20 per each Horcras offspring you breed will apply.

1 offspring = $20 
2 offspring = $40 
3 offspring = $60

The owner of that offspring is the person who pays the fee so be sure to work that out with anyone you may be collaborating with in breeding Horcras. 

Customs - At this time I am not offering custom Horcras services. 


 Horcras are based off my most recent character Barnabas… They are similar to horses in size, stature, and behavior.

Heights: 6.5ft/200cm -to- 9.5ft/290cm
Lengths: Average 10ft/300cm
Weights: 850lbs/385kg -to- 4,500lbs/2040kg

Class and social hierarchy is based on coat colors - these are called classes.
There are 4 classes consisting of Common, Semi-common, Rare, and Mystic.

Herds are usually found consisting of common and semi-common colors. They are intelligent and can be trained and ridden but are highly emotionally developed similar to birds and dolphins and do not trust easy or forgive easy when trust is broken. They form very strong bonds with mates and offspring and other herd members and rarely turn on each other accept in fights for dominance or mates. They have their own language consisting of grunts, groans, yells, and hissing, but can understand basic human speech. 

They are omnivore and feed mostly on grasses, berries, and fish. They live in mild, plains and cool forest and mountain ranges; sometimes mingling with horse and cattle herds. 

Mystic: Are usually seen by other Horcas as Godly or far more superior. They are very rare and many Horcas believe they have powers or the birth of one within a herd is a blessing. It is considered a sin by Horcras for a human to own or ride one with out its consent. It is estimated that 1% of Horcras are born into this category and there is no link between genetics and the birth of mystics, many mystics have produced offspring with common coat colors. And some common coats have produced mystics. 

Rare: Regarded as superior to other Horcras and most born into this class find themselves as herd leaders or captured and tamed by humans because of their beauty. They are unique in color and pattern but can only occur from rare x rare breeding. Horcras in this class make up 10%.

Semi-Common: Coat colors found in nature with unique patterns. The majority of Horcras in this class are males although females can also be born into this class. Horcras in this class make up 30%.

Common: The patternless, natural coat colors. About 60% or more of Horcras fall into this class.



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